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Sunday, 1 February 2009

The State of Childhood

According to "The Good Childhood Inquiry,

The state of childhood is one of the recurring topics of our times. Today’s children and young people live in an era of rapid change, which poses particular challenges for their growth and development. In this climate, there is growing concern about the health and well-being of our children. Politicians, academia and the media alike ponder how best to bring up the nation’s children."
The Good Childhood Inquiry, the UK’s first independent national inquiry into the nature of chilhood will release findings this week.

It will consider the following key questions:
• What are the conditions for a good childhood?
• What obstacles exist to those conditions?
• What changes could be made that would be likely
to improve childhood?

Initial findings suggest
Our children and young people suffer from higher incidences of mental and physical ill-health than their European contemporaries. As a society we share a damaging ambivalence towards children: preoccupied with protecting our own children from harm, we often fail to reach out to those who need our attention most. And all the while our young people are continually subjected to pressure to achieve, behave and even consume like adults at an ever earlier age.

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