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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Digital Britain - Interim Report

A comprehensive analysis report of our digital economy titled Digital Britain , assesses the UK’s readiness fully to exploit the dramatic shift to digital technology as the basis of huge parts of our economy and private lives, drawing on expertise from across Government, regulators and industry.

The Interim Report has just been released


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  2. (previous version of this comment removed becuase I forgot that Blogger doesnlt linkify things...)

    So what's your take on http://writetoreply.org/digitalbritain/ ?? A useful adjunct to the original report, or not?

    How does this sort of site sit in the context of media literacy as framed within the report itself (e.g. http://writetoreply.org/digitalbritain/?s=%22media+literacy%22 ) as well as your current course?

  3. I agree with the point made by Jack Schofieldin his Guardian blog in that writetoreply.org has put up a great site and yes it serves an important and useful role in facilitating a debate with the general public. However as there appears to be a growing apathy by the public in political issues, parliamentary debate and government matters I feel that it may fall under the radar of many of those who may be directly affected by the decisions and choices that government and councils make on our behalf. I am sure that people would lend their voice and engage in greater debate if they were made more aware of the opportunities afforded by new technologies through public forums and online discussion groups.

    I am not sure that this sort of sites sits well within the context of the report as it seems the priority is to develop media literacy which is beneficial to business and industry sectors but also instill control over which way media is consumed


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