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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Alistair Darling pulls out of Davos

Times Online reports that Alistair Darling has pulled out of out of Davos -

"A spokeswoman for the Treasury confirmed that Mr Darling would not be going to the event, and had been due to fly to the WEF earlier this week. It also emerged today that David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, has also pulled out of Davos.

A spokesman for the Treasury said it was decided that since a number of people Mr Darling had been due to meet had pulled out of Davos, his time would be better spent doing other things."

What better things could Mr Darling be turning his attention to? Rescuing the failing economy would be the first thing that springs to mind.

The Telegraph report "that the UK will be at the bottom of the league table of major developed countries this year, in the weakest year for the global economy since the Second World War"

This means that the UK is set to face a worse recession than any other major country in the world. The future looks bleak however according to a report in The Australian Post"FOR a nation that has just been officially told by the International Monetary Fund that it is about to suffer the worst recession of any developed country since 1945, Britain is remarkably relaxed.

There are no threats of mass strikes by workers fearing for their jobs, no calls for a crisis election and certainly no hints of the street riots that have recently been seen in several other European countries."

Although I do not condone the actions of those in other countries at least they are making their feelings known to those in charge. A relaxed attitude is one that has served to place Britain at the bottom of the league table. . British politicians NEED to get a grip of the situation, instead of the constant bickering between the different political parties, the government needs to work as a team that mean TOGETHER. A viable solution can only be achieved if all parties are in agreement.

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