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Monday, 9 February 2009

The rise of the twittering classes

The rise of the twittering classes is something that has received a wide amount of publicity in the British press this week. Stephen Fry used Twitter to tell his followers (OVER 100000 of them) that he was stuck in a lift at Centrepoint in London. Reports appeared the next day in most of the daily newspapers more notably The Guardian The Telegraph and The Independent

Johnathan Ross delighted his Twitter followers at the BAFTA awards by working in the word salad as part of his performance. The Guardian's live Baftas blog,suggests the crossover between 'Bafta nominee/buddy/ligger' and 'Twitterer' is not particularly big, and possibly non-existent. Twitter fans at home, meanwhile, were simultaneously jumping up and down on the sofa yelling 'He said salad! He said salad!' to the bemusement of all around them"

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