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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Swansea Jacks v's Cardiff Bluebirds

A video inciting violence against Swansea City fans has reportedly been circulated on the internet. The five-minute film was posted on the YouTube site and uses footage of Nazi rallies and extremist marches as well as featuring a pretence of Hitler himself leading Swansea fans into battle read more

Swansea City FC and Cardiff City FC face to face in the same league for the first time in six years. Lets hope the Jack army do not rise to the warcry of the Bluebirds, but there is such bitter rivalry that the inevitable violence will eventually break out and the season will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.


  1. This story was crass vulgar gutter journalism at its worst I'm afraid. I actually saw the video in question and it was a completely tongue in cheek affair and certainly not produced by the so called 'soul crew'. It was actually composed of a mish mash of film clips including star wars, the matrix and some ninja films along with additional library footage of football hooligans. It was in fact a satirical mockery of the whole genre and DID NOT advocate attacks on Swansea fans. In fact the article in the WOS was far more inflammatory and much more likely to stir local rivalries than the original vid. Lazy journalism more suited to Viz

  2. I agree that the media are more likely to inflame violence,it is unfortunate that so much coverage of the beautiful game is centred around the small minority of fans who are intent on causing trouble. That is what sells newspapers however and it is a shame.


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