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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Dont Panic - the panic cry that warns that you should Panic!!!

Long queues appeared at forecourts yesterday ahead of a planned strike by hundreds of tanker drivers. This is probably as a result of recent stories in the news in which the same message was repeated over and overDon't Panic Buy!!!!The very words don't panic alert you that there is something happening which people may panic over. If this is the case then you may think maybe you should just stock up just in case panic sets in. Its not that you are panic buying just stocking up a little extra in case well thats what you tell yourself anyway. This then starts a whole chain reaction of stock running out because of the people who did not panic and sparks a 2nd wave of panic buying until the situation snowballs and everyone is panicking. What started out as something which may have caused a bit of inconveince to a few petrol stations because of industrial action by tanker drivers is likely to become a huge crisis and I blame the media for telling us not to PANIC BUY! I am however not going to panic buy but might just stock up on petrol to make sure!!!!!!

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