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Saturday, 28 March 2009

The rise and rise of Twitter | Technology | guardian.co.uk

"In November 2008 a total of 40 articles appeared in British local and national newspapers that included the word 'Twitter'. Though a quarter of them were published by the Guardian, this paper's technology correspondent nonetheless found himself explaining to general readers that 'Twitter, a mobile social network, has generated lots of buzz'. The Daily Telegraph, quaintly, was still using the word to describe a way of talking.
The following month, 85 articles appeared on the subject. By January 2009, it was 206. But those were still the dark ages. Hot on the heels of the Twitter plane crash came the site's first live action celebrity lift catastrophe, when the actor Stephen Fry, a tweeter so prolific that one hopes he still eats, offered breathless updates from the stationary elevator in which he briefly found himself marooned. (His followers total is now 350,000)."

Article at guardian.co.uk

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