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Sunday, 15 March 2009

John Prescott to lead internet campaign

Report on the Guardian website

"John Prescott has been chosen as the unlikely leader of Labour's general election campaign on the internet, as the party prepares to launch a low-budget battle for a fourth term in government"

What on earth is going on? John Prescott does not strike me as the most computer literate member of the Labour party. On further reading the name Alistair Campbell appears

Last night Alastair Campbell, former director of communications under Tony Blair, who also has a large following online, said it was clear Prescott was succeeding in motivating Labour supporters online in a way nobody else could. "You cannot imagine a cabinet minister getting the huge support he did for a campaign on bankers' bonuses. What JP has shown is that he has an ability to cut through to voters that needs harnessing. Because he is no longer a cabinet minister, he can be a bit edgier. It is about making it fun. It is part of modern campaigning."

The knives are out for you Gordon Brown and it looks like Campbell and co are sharpening them to boot

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