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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Them and Whose Army?

After the terrible events which have taken place in the last few days in Mumbai questions are now being asked about who was the likely perpatrator. First reports in British newspapers suggest that there may have been a British link. A report in the Independent suggests that four of the terrorists, two of them dead, had connections with Britain. The Times suggest that the figure could be more but reveal that the Indian authorities firmly denied reports that up to seven of the attackers were British. The Guardian outline how Indian channel NDTV quoted Vilasrao Deshmukh, the chief minister of Maharashtra state, as saying there were British nationals among the militants arrested. What also isn't clear is the total number of terrorists involved in the attacks which took place in ten locations across the city. Many reports on television are putting the figure at ten but if this is the case that would mean that there would have been only one gunman involved in each attack which doesn't make any sense. I am sure that the true extent of the ordeal suffered by victims at both the hands of the terrorists and the Indian military will never be revealed. If more terrorists were involved in the attacks where did they disappear to and how? Surely questions clearly need to be asked about the competence of the Indian authorities in rounding up those responsible.

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