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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Its on your shoulders now Mr Obama

I have been following the US elections with great interest, either way this was set to be a record breaking contest - the oldest President or the first black President ( although I argue that Obama is as much white as he is black) Now we have finally reached the end and the world is looking to Obama for guidance and the solution to the worlds problems. He has promised to

provide everyone in America with health care,
sort out welfare,
lower taxes and raise taxes (not sure how that works,)

sort out the Middle East
be nice to China

feed the world (with a loaf of bread and five little fishys)
walk on water

Here's looking at you kid.....can he do it?#


1 comment:

  1. i hope you're right.

    i work at a building by the united nations and it seems folks i talk to from other countries are happy with the change. goodwill from out international neighbors definitely isn't a bad thing.

    domestically, well, i'm not looking forward to how he intend to pay for all his promises.

    change is definitely better, but i'll reserve judgment on whether it's good.


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