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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Associated Press: Officials: Madeleine McCann probe is not over yet

The Associated Press: Officials: Madeleine McCann probe is not over yet: "LISBON, Portugal (AP) — Police have completed their final report into the disappearance of British child Madeleine McCann but officials have taken no decision yet on whether to proceed with the investigation or drop the case, Portugal's attorney-general said Tuesday.
Three papers — Correio da Manha, Jornal de Noticias and Expresso — published comments on Tuesday from unidentified police sources saying the 14-month investigation had reached a dead end and is to be dropped.
However, Attorney-General Fernando Pinto Monteiro said in a statement that prosecutors will examine the police report before deciding whether to end the investigation or undertake further inquiries.
Officials will 'determine whether further inquiries are needed or whether the conditions are in place for the investigation to be closed,' the statement e-mailed to The Associated Press said.
It said the case file amounted to 'dozens of volumes' and noted that the judicial secrecy law covering ongoing investigations, which ensures evidence remains confidential, expires only in mid-August."


  1. thanks for keeping us informed about mc can case.

    here is a mail i sent to the times, months ago.

    needles to say they did not reply back.

    " In the last year british media has been swept by a
    wave a Xenophobia.
    While the Mc Cans were almost promoted to the status of sainthood
    portugal and portuguese police was trashed.

    1 Kate Mc Cans in the Daily Telegraph ,( september 10 , 2007 ) and Tony
    Parsons in the Mirror , both acuse portuguese police
    of setting up the MC Cans.
    More than 6 months such acusations were made evidence was given.

    Actually Kate Mc Can claims no Paedophile laws exist in portugal .
    This is untrue.


    As Mrs McCann succinctly put it just hours before being named as a
    suspect: "The police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the
    publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're
    blaming us."



    This is a falsehood.

    Article 172 Portuguese penal code, 2001

    Child Sexual Abuse

    1- Whoever does perform or does induce others to perform sexual act
    with child under 14 years of age is punished with jail sentence from
    one to 8 years.

    and the articles penalizing sexual abuse of children go on.
    You can see the original article 172 of the penal code bellow
    The penal code I quote can be downloaded here.


    The Kate Mc Cans acusations not once got challenged in the britt media.

    Later in the year ,in an article Called " Up your ass, senor "
    published in the Mirror , October 29 , ( online Edition ) Mr Tony
    Parsons does also acuse portuguese police

    of framing the Mc Cans

    " I have never much cared for the convention of calling cops "pigs"
    or "filth", but I am happy to make an exception.

    They have tried to cover their humiliation at coming nowhere close to
    finding that stolen child by fitting up her parents. ".

    One could think that such acusations were isolated cases .
    This is not the case.

    In an article published in the Sun called " Maddie a year in the
    Darkness " , published april 28 ( online Edition ) marking the first
    aniversary of Madeleine dissapearance
    one can read :

    "In Britain and America, such an abduction would have triggered an
    almost instant police dragnet — sniffer dogs and helicopters would
    have scoured the area while the child's picture would have been handed
    to the Press and TV to make public as fast as possible.

    None of this happened.".

    Maddie , a year in the darkness ,
    The sun online april 28, 2008


    End of quote

    This is also false.

    Actually portuguese police used helicopters in the day after
    Madeleine dissapeared.
    The search for madeleine was the bigest search the country ever has in
    the last 50 years.

    GUARDIAN , MAY 5 2007

    Grandfather: evidence that three-year-old was snatched

    * Sandra Laville and Dale Fuchs in Faro
    This article appeared in the Guardian on Saturday May 05 2007 on p1 of
    the Top stories section. It was last updated at 00:19 on May 05 2007.

    The grandfather of a three-year-old snatched from her parents' holiday
    apartment in the Algarve said yesterday that there was clear evidence
    she had been abducted.

    Police helicopters flew over Praia de la Luz yesterday as the hunt
    intensified for Madeleine McCann, who went missing from her bedroom in
    the apartment on Thursday night. "


    In the exposay website one can actually find pictures of a portuguese helicopter searching for maddie , the day after she dissapear.


    In the link above you can watch the helicopter that acording to the sun did not exist.

    Portuguese police was acused of not sealing the crime scene.

    It does happen the ones who did contaminate the crime scene were the Mc Cans and friends , as they acknowledge in a sun

    When PJ arrived on the scene , the evidence was already contaminated by the very british they are now
    blasting portuguese police for failing to preserve the evidence.

    Its the first time in the history of forensics that the very fellows that did contaminate

    the crime scene acuse the police of failing to preserve such evidence.

    No one in the british media did the obvious question to the Mc Cans.

    If they were so sure a kidnaping had taken place why did they contaminate the evidence in the crime scene ?

    While unsubstiated or false acusations were leveleed against the
    portuguese..,when it comes to the Mc Cans
    the british media avoided all embarassing questions.
    No one in the british mainstream media dared to confront the couple with the
    fact that the shutters of madeleine room had not been broken despite
    early reports of the Mc Cans friends
    claiming such shutters had been jemmied open.

    How such biased reporting can be explained ?

    There is only one explanation for such bias.

    British citizens are named suspects in the dissapearance of their own daughter
    by the authorities of a foreign country.

    The serious media does rally around the british as if they were
    the Union Jack.

    Curiously..., the average british citizen did not embrace such
    xenophobic madness.

    Many british citizens were actually very critical of the Mc Cans.

    It was actually the intitucionalized media that
    waged such xenofobic campaign against portugal and the portuguese.

    Not a single british comentator ( as far as I am aware ) , dared to
    point the falsehoods that were published about portugal in the mainstream british media

    As one smart british comentator wrote in a online message board ,madeleine case
    has been " a throwback to the days of the Empire...."Johnny Foreigner" must
    always be at fault, after all, a nice White , middle class, professional couple
    couldn't be at fault could they?"

  2. The mc can story does raise several issues , namely

    1- Is media today objective
    The way portuguese media and british media reported the subject was completely diferent.

    Todays media, namely tabloids, is not objective, anymore.

    Alegations are reported almost as facts.

    The Mc can family alegations that portuguese were framing kate and Jerry were widely reported.

    Not a single fact was found that did proove.

    Today media is gossip..., alegations..., not facts, anymore.


    While alegations against portuguese institutions were widely reported.., when the mirror group reported portuguese rumours about the mc cans they got framed.
    They were forced to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    Today British defamation laws protect the powerfull..,the people who can hire expensive lawyers , and spend thousands in court.

    UK defamations laws are one of the strictest of the world.

    UK defamation laws ( in practice ) , do not protect everyone.
    They protect the fellows with the best lawyers , the ones who have pockets deep enought to sue or threaten to sue.

  3. thanks for your comments pedro you make some very intelligent observations.


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