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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Hand cart for Brexit

 As we stumble blindly into the chaos that is Brexit I am taking a minute to reflect on the holy shit storm this has become. Back in June 2016 I was tricked by a bus, I believed that the United Kingdom would save £350 million and out the money into the NHS. Of course I believed it, the government and the media wouldn't lie about that sort of thing. Fast forward to 2018 and wish I had a time machine to go back and punch me repeatedly in the face until I saw sense. But the decision was made by the Great British Public and we must make the best of a shitty situation - or so you would think. I predict a general election and Labour government in place before we divorce our friends across the water in May. The Conservative Party is so intent on pushing Theresa May out they won't back the draft as principle. If Parliament don't vote for the draft deal this is a definite demonstration of no confidence in the government. If Dominic Rabb the actual guy in charge of the negotiations doesn't even stand by the deal which he helped to make what chance do we have?

I am anxious about the future , don't feel confident in what our government can deliver and would welcome a People's Vote to try and put the brakes on a potentially disastrous situation. I feel powerless as we are swept along on a tide of bullshit.

Taxi for Brexit, will the last person leaving the country please shut the door the horse has well and truly bolted

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