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Monday, 17 December 2012

A Sign From An Angel

Today my mother would have been 64, she died in a car accident in 1980 when I was 5. About 6 years ago I spent a  time searching for and getting answers to how and where exactly she died. I kept a file and put it away in a safe place in case I ever wanted to revisit it. A few months ago I looked for the file as I had been talking about it to another family member. It was no where to be found and have not seen it again until today. I had forgotten it was her birthday and was generally catching up with housework around the house, I looked down and saw the file. I picked it up and flicked through it gave it a kiss and tucked it under my arm to take it upstairs thinking no more about it. I turned to the computer and saw my sister has posted a message on Facebook to say Happy Birthday to her. I'm not saying I believe in the existence of spirits or ghosts but I definitely think someone was trying to give me a gentle reminder.

Happy Birthday Mummy, I know you are watching over me

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