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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

UK Government Writes a Twitter Guide … in 20 Pages

Interesting article by Stan Schroeder on Mashable

A tweet can have a maximum of 140 characters. A guide on how to use Twitter, well, that’s another matter. The UK government has one, and it took its author, Neil Williams, 20 pages and 36,215 characters to create it.

The guide,is actually quite an interesting read. Besides giving a clear cut explanation of what Twitter is and how (and why) the UK government should go about using it, it enumerates a number of third party tools (for example, bit.ly is to be used for links because it offers traffic analysis), talks about risks of using Twitter (for example, publishing embargoed news too early), and discusses the value of retweeting. Unlike some other Twitter guides, like the one from Wall Street Journal, it’s not focused on forbidding things and telling employees what NOT to do, which is a good example of how these types of guides should be done.

The document can be found here

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