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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Flawnt's Blog of fictious wonder

This Blog is highly recommended

one idle day i realised that there was this ocean of readers out there (that includes you!) ever hungry 4 what the french deconstructionists so elegantly and underwhelmingly call “texts”. so i got me a twitter account and had my picture painted by one of the creative hoodlums sitting at the bottom of Sacre Coeur. (it’s his fault if i closely resemble dr franklin.)

i had no idea what 2 write though at first. this evidently was not a book, it was a totally different metaphor not yet chartered territory, a terra incognita and quite possibly mine 4 the taking. i new how 2 write whole books but i didn’t know how to brave this new bosom. so i lightly promised that i would dedicate a piece of writing 2 my first follower. this seemed 2 B in line with the medium.

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