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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Facebook killer jailed for life - | MSN News UK - news & weather

A jealous husband who murdered his wife after she changed her status to "single" on Facebook has been jailed for life.

Lorry driver Wayne Forrester, 34, stabbed mother-of-two Emma Forrester to death in her home as a six-year-old girl cowered in an upstairs bedroom.

Forrester later told police he believed his wife was having an affair and felt humiliated that she was now declaring herself available on the social networking website.

The court heard how Mrs Forrester, a 34 year-old payroll administrator, had thrown her husband out of their home in New Addington, Surrey, after the breakdown of their volatile 15-year relationship.

Forrester became suspicious his estranged wife was having an affair and repeatedly threatened to kill her over the phone.

Fuelled by alcohol and cocaine, Forrester smashed his way into the house armed with a kitchen knife and a meat cleaver in the early hours of February 18 this year.He dragged his wife out of the marital bedroom, tearing clumps of her hair out, before stabbing her in the neck, stomach, arms, hands and head.

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  1. Hey it is surprising to believe that there are people of this Sort..Really I am surprised when I read this one..Hey and it is good that you brought up things like this...And I saw your comments on my weblog


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