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Friday, 7 September 2007

Kate McCann fears she may be official suspect

BREAKING.... A family friend of Kate McCann says that Kate is to be declared as an official suspect later on today....The Portuguese police are seeking to find the answer to a specific 22 questions. Reports are emerging that Kate McCann faces another morning being interviewed by Portuguese police. She left the police station at Portimao last night after an intense 11 hours of questioning. She was accompanied by her sister-in-law Trisha Cameron and her lawyer, Carlo Pinto de Brao, who made a brief statement to the waiting press. He confirmed that Kate McCann was still being treated as a witness. It is understood that Gerry McCann will also face a similar ordeal later this afternoon. THE POLICE IN Portugal have not revealed why the questioning is taken place but it is believed that it may be linked to the results of the forensic tests on samples taken from the couple's apartment which were received by the authorities yesterday. The family have revealed that they fear the couple are being treated as suspects however the Portuguese police have not confirmed this. The couple 's four year old Madeleine has been missing for four months

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